Robyn Gretz, LPC

People come to see me to restore balance in their lives. Often, they have reached a place where something needs to change. Parents reach out because their children are struggling. As caretakers, they need to support their child, while caring for themselves. Maybe you are dealing with issues of motivation, worry, fear, or a general sense of irritability. Perhaps your relationships with loved ones are strained, or you are dealing with challenging life transitions. This is a turning point, of seeking support as you search for clarity and understanding. We can work collaboratively to evaluate the successful aspects of your life and roadblocks to fulfillment.


I approach each therapeutic relationship with compassion and empathy. My style is warm and approachable, while assisting you in gaining the perspective that will allow you to reach your goals. We'll use humor, mindfulness, and healthy communication strategies as you gain a sense of purpose and meaning that leads to personal and relational growth.


I have a passion for working with people with disabilities or chronic illness, and in particular, their caregivers. It can be exhausting caring for others, and it is truly essential to remember the old adage of "placing the oxygen mask on oneself first, in order to effectively care for others."